A War Of Light Cones

by Phantom Glue

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Recorded/Mixed by Kurt Ballou at God City, Apr & Aug 2011
Mastered by Nick Zampiello & Rob Gonnella at New Alliance
All music by Phantom Glue
All lyrics/artwork by Matt Oates
Design/Layout by Mike Wohlberg, tFk! thefatkidillustration.com
2013 Black Market Activities

Much thanks and gratitude to:

Terri Christopher, Pietro Stefani, William Ball, Alec Rodriguez, Paul Rajpal, John Parker Northrup, Kurt Ballou, Guy/Black Market Activities Records, Curran Reynolds, Mike Wohlberg/tFk!Designs, Jonah Livingston/TDB Records, Robin Goodhue/Ammonia Booking, Zack Wells/Born of Fire, Josh Smith, The Boston Phoenix, Nate Newton, Adam McGrath, Caleb Scofield, Chris Pupecki, Tim Bailey, Stephen LoVerme, Mike Hill, Guillermo Madrigal, Keith Pierce, Greg Moss, Devin Charette, Lonny from Shreveport, Michelle Temple/Lechuza Booking and Black Skies, Bergsten Music, Rich Hall, Will Mayo, Reid Calkin, Dylan/The Bone Reader, John/Granite House Records, Aaron/Sludgelord.com, Chris/Negative Fun Records, Sean/The Path Less Traveled Records, Phil Eisenhauer, Mark Evans, Leah Sottile, The Proselyte, Whitey, Hydronaut, The Austerity Program, Disappearer, Defeatist (rip), Castevet, Cave In, Doomriders, Old Man Gloom, Zozobra, 27, Trap Them, Elder, The Atlas Moth, Wizard Rifle, Man Will Destroy Himself, Mutilation Rites, Livver, Lunglust, 13 Billion Years, JBvDL, Furnace, Motherboar, Ramming Speed, Now Denial, Hivesmasher, Razormaze and War Animal. Too many musicians and artists who've influenced and inspired us to list individually, but thank you for making our lives better/more tolerable. Most importantly our families and life long friends.


released July 16, 2013

Matt Oates - Vocals/Guitar
Mike Gowell - Guitars
Nicholas Wolf - Bass/Vocals
Kyle Rasmussen - Drums



all rights reserved


Phantom Glue Boston, Massachusetts

An avalanche of distortion, psychedelicized occult coloured howlings and roars on early colonial america colliding with mythology and surrealistic nightmares. Phantom Glue have tapped a sunken Lovecraftian vein and extracted a uniquely rotten drek of something you inexplicably know but can't name. ... more

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Track Name: Perils
My blood is elsewhere. The past is no longer fixed in time.
It is an otherworldly skin glowing neon.
Raise the blade boldly and wait for the sign.
Psychic gifts upon the wearer of this pelt.
Said the trapper, "What have I snared?"
Each item marked with the royal seal.
By the great and dreadful name.
Through the perils of civilization
Of the everlasting god.
Marked with
The royal seal
Track Name: Captain Keith Pierce
Planters tale of 10,000 cryptids our woe.
Inverted, unfound. In the first room, chimes underground.
Ever sown.
I see light through agents of these walls.
Death is initiation.
Breathe the air of the earth.
Did not the lightning strike? Ring bells out. Green blue glow.
Down in the 7th circle of hell.
Panderers, vipers, hasten to the bow.
Simoniacs and blasphemers.
I see cracks in ages of these walls.
Death is initiation.
Breathe the air of the earth.
Track Name: Neurolizard
Mars in trine trails of blood. Beyond the earth in vain.
Dr. Rice said to some, "This machine transcends the highway".
In a flash of Fremont street neon. Receive this message from the beyond:
Shepherd watch the ocean.
Tend the field.
Hooves clack in the shadows.
Sunrise at your heels.
Disciple. Final exit.
Leinsura atol.
Shepherd watch the ocean.
Tend the field.
Hooves clack in the shadows.
Track Name: Bow In The Dust
No longer light.
Outside this cloister beyond dusk you would not survive.
Within a premonition.
A war of light cones. Three unknowns. White miles. In the travelers blood the creature soaks its bread.
We are cloistered but these gates rattle at night.
Impaling all demons upon the fell of the Eye.
Zombie across transept. A liturgy from hell.
You see a writing not human.
Under the blasphemy of light.
The creature rends the hide.
A new world is born.
On limbs of writings torn.
Track Name: Biocult
Who are the wakers of demons, where we fear to go?
I will describe the creature you see behind sleep.
In trees the interloper stands in the bog.
Unseen until November. Under a living moon.
Tooth of the horse.
The creature speaks unto you.
Track Name: Arboreal
Warn me of Sasquatch sightings. Paranormal. Might cities fall to seas.
White fur possum fast and free. Standing upright it turns the key.
A doorway.
Lo, the hand of the lord is upon ye. What news from Plymouth colony?
The crown, the arm, the hatchlings are breathing.
A doorway.
Ready. Ready. Ready.
Ready. Ready. Ready.
New world within the New World.
New world within.
Track Name: Test Pattern
Under foot of the king.
Sailing night owl.
Or turn back to the bonfire
Ocean brother.
Light the bile
On the plateau.
Send the smoke to
The god.
Tributaries into lakes.
A colonist.
Adder of the abyss.
The baselisk,
A ziggurat, a pyramid, and a test pattern.
Where are we in time?
It moves without a will.
Are you Callahan?
Tributaries into lakes.
A colonist.